Custom Ductwork

You've done your homework and know that you want American Standard equipment with high efficiency ratings to save on those continually climbing energy bills. You know a humidifier will help you trick yourself into feeling warmer so you can squeeze even more savings out of your energy dollar. Your daughter has allergies so an AccuClean is the only air cleaner you'll accept. You're ready to go - or are you? There is another side to the efficiency issue and that's quality installation - without it, efficiency is like Robin without Batman! Efficiency is compromised by undersized, poorly designed and/or poorly installed ductwork. Disconnected ducts can cost you up to 15%, diffuser leakage up to 7.5% and low airflow 5.7% on your energy bill not to mention the ways your comfort will be compromised.

Unlike many shops, we fabricate much of our own job specific ductwork in-house. One of our hallmarks is custom ductwork that is clean, correctly installed and appropriately sized and transitioned. We fabricate old style with the same type of equipment that has been being used for decades. It is a hands-on craftsmanship approach that fits our shop well.

In some cases we can also fabricate metal pieces for applications that are not HVAC specific (car restoration parts, sheeting shelves or other objects, custom stove hoods, etc.). Please contact us if you have parameters for a metal fabrication need that we might be able to meet.

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