Ductwork is used in air source heating and cooling systems. Ductwork is essentially the pathway that takes warm/cool air to your registers to make your rooms comfortable (called supply air) and takes the air back to your unit to be recycled (called return air).

It is very important that your ductwork is correctly sized and transitioned to give you the comfort you want and to allow your heating and cooling system to work at optimal efficiency. Ductwork can be square metal (sometimes called trunk lines), metal pipe or flex duct (insulated, non rigid duct). Flex duct should have an insulation factor of R6. Ductwork should be insulated for heat pump applications, attic applications and crawl space applications. Improperly sized, installed and/or insulated ductwork can cause comfort and efficiency problems which will ultimately cost you more money.

One of our hallmarks is clean, attractive, appropriate ductwork. We create much of our ductwork the "old school" way with basic tools and equipment used for years and years. We hand insulate our duct when appropriate.

We can also bend metal for other applications (we've covered shelving in metal, covered counter tops in metal, manufactured pieces for car restoration projects, unique use exhaust hoods, etc.). If you have a unique need for light gauge sheet metal, challenge us.

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