With the arrival of the heating season comes the shock (sometimes literally) of dehumidified air. Often we experience dry skin, dry nasal passages, dry hair, chapped lips, dry/itchy eyes and the shock and hair raising experience of static electricity. The wood furniture and flooring in our homes/offices often suffer as well. Humidifiers are the answer. As the temperature drops, so does the relative humidity (actual amount of moisture in the air compared to the actual amount of moisture the air is capable of holding). At 40 degrees F outside, the relative humidity is around 45%; at 0 degrees it is 25% and at -10 degrees, it is 20%. The good news is that, for less than the average person pays for an internet service per year, you can buy comfort that will be with you year after year. Humidified air also feels warmer than dehumidified air allowing you to keep your thermostat set lower so you save money on energy costs. As with filters, it is really important to have the humidifier pad changed annually. Humidifiers come in bypass, power vent or steam types. Depending on the type of system, the configuration of your system and your comfort goals, we can recommend the best type for your needs. www.americanstandardair.com, www.aprilaire.com, www.yourhome.honeywell.com.

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