Comfort Savvy Maintenance Agreements

As with all things mechanical, your heating and cooling system will usually last longer and perform more efficiently with routine maintenance. Certainly the home or business owner should regularly change their filters (rule of thumb is monthly with standard filters; a minimum of semi annually with media type filters - quarterly isn't too often) and hose off the outside unit if appropriate but there are so many other things that are a part of preventive maintenance for HVAC equipment: moving parts need to be lubricated, various temperatures checked, various pressures checked, multiple parts cleaned, amperage and wiring checked, connections, refrigerant charge (a 23% undercharge can result in a 52% efficiency loss), thermostat operation checked, humidifiers serviced and pads changed, drains cleaned, orifices cleaned, and your furnace heat exchanger checked to make sure it is not leaking carbon monoxide into the air you breath.

For about the same price that most people pay for a couple of months of cable TV, a maintenance agreement provides for professional preventive maintenance on your cooling system in the cooling season and on your heating system in the heating season. A maintenance agreement gives you these services at a significantly reduced price compared to paying from them individually by calling us to come out in the spring and in the fall to service your units. It gives you peace of mind that your system is operating correctly and safely. We can often identify and fix small problems before they become big problems in the height of a heat wave or cold snap. Statistically, your equipment will last longer and will operate more reliably and efficiently with routine maintenance. We give our Comfort Savvy Maintenance Agreement customers preferred customer status and reduced pricing throughout the year as well. You don't have to remember to call us to schedule your maintenance, we will contact you via phone or email as you prefer. Contact us to receive more information about this valuable and cost saving service.

There is no risk to you if you move. If you relocate to another home in our area, we are happy to transfer the agreement to the new home. If you choose to use the maintenance agreement as a sales incentive, you can leave it with the home you are selling. If you move out of the area or into a maintenance free environment, we refund any remaining portion of the agreement to you.

We are truly thankful for the fierce loyalty our maintenance agreement customers exhibit by renewing each year. This is how we measure our success in this area - we know we are getting it right when we are lucky enough to see you at least twice a year every year.

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