Tax Credits, Rebates and Discounts for HVAC Systems

There are so many ways to save money on a new, higher efficiency HVAC system right now that there has truly never been a better time to buy! Here are the programs available and, in most cases, you can take advantage of more than one on the same installation.

As part of the recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, known to most of us as the Stimulus Package, you are able to receive a tax credit on your 2010 taxes for upgrading to higher efficiency HVAC equipment. The basics are: a conventional system has to include a 95% efficient furnace with a 16 SEER air conditioner or a 15 SEER heat pump; a geothermal system has to be at least a 14.1 EER. The system must be in your primary residence. You can claim a 30% credit up to $1500 on the cost of a conventional system, you can claim a 30% credit with no cap on the cost of a geothermal (also called ground source) system.

KCP&L offers an instant rebate to their customers for upgrading to more efficient equipment. If your existing cooling unit is less than 8 EER (our Cool Homes Program certified technicians establish this via testing), you can receive and instant rebate of $650 for a 14 or 15 SEER air conditioner or heat pump; a 16 SEER or higher will get you an $850 instant rebate.

Osage Valley customers can receive a rebate of $150 per ton for a dual fuel system or $750 per ton for a geothermal system. This rebate is a mail in rebate. In addition, we are a participating Osage Valley vendor so you will receive an additional $50 off of the purchase of a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump; $100 off of the purchase of an entire system instantly.

If you are a Missouri Gas Energy customer, you can receive $200 for an Energy Star gas furnace or residential boiler. You can receive an additional $25 for the installation of an Energy Star programmable thermostat if it is installed with the furnace or boiler. This rebate is a mail in rebate.

American Standard is offering rebates up to $1200; or up to 12 months no interest financing; or 7.9% rate on revolving financing; or a free 12 year parts and labor warranty on qualifying, high efficiency equipment. This promotion runs from April 1st through June 15th, 2010 (installations must be accomplished by June 30th, 2010).

Our installation estimates are free so let us show you how you can put these programs to work for you. Call TC Heating & Cooling at 816-779-1150 to schedule an estimate. Visit our website, www.tcheatingandcooling.com to learn more about us and be sure to visit the Products and Quote Prep tabs in advance of your estimate.

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